When I meet someone new, the inevitable "What do you do?" question pops up. Usually, I choose some occupation I've done before: boat builder, furniture maker, farmer, etc. People used to greet each other with the phrase "How do you do?" I like this question much more.

Our buying and selling economy requires its members to be able to quickly sum up their contribution with one or two words.  I guess this is so new acquaintances can feel comfortable with each other quickly. I get that.  My take is that very few great things happen quickly, so let's not rush into categorizations.

I try to make things from a holistic perspective - from how the materials are selected, gathered and used, to how to mimize waste, to how the piece fits into the larger picture of a situation or setting.  All made objects ought to have a great story behind them.  In fact, most everything I make comes with a written description of how it came to be, what unique materials were used and how the ideas became objects.  I don't enjoy production work, that is, making the exact same item repeatedly.  I do prefer human scale work, as my tooling and shop are not set up for huge amounts of materials and objects coming and going regularly.  I think I can make nearly anything with enough time and patience.

Please contact me if you would like to talk more about this process and are interested in having something made.

Tim Pierce



Hornbeam Craft

5381 S. Amidon Road NW

Rapid City, MI  49676